Tulsi Amrit - MLM

Tulsi Amrit


आपके परिवार की सेहत की सुरक्षा अब आपके हाथो में……. एक बार कुडोस तुलसी अमृत इस्तेमाल करके देखें…….. JUST ONE DROP: Provides Anti-Oxidants and increases energy level. Increases immunity power to prevent diseases. Removes negativity. Improves digestion and treats stomachache. Relieves Hyper Acidity, Gas, Colitis and other Digestive Disorders. Helpful in treating common cold, cough and other respiratory diseases. Controls blood pressure and prevents heart diseases. Helpful in kidney and urinary problems. Helpful in skin diseases like leucoderma, leprosy, etc. Helpful in De-addiction of Alcohol, Nicotine, etc. Bathing with few drops of KUDOS� TULSI AMRIT� mixed with water increases positive energy.

Packing: 51ml